Monday, October 09, 2006

Updated Carnival of Debt Reduction: New Links!

From bait-and-switch interest rate tactics to anti-foreclosure tips the 56th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction offers great info, including updated reports from My New Choice, MSN and

Next week's Carnival will be hosted on by My New Choice

My New Choice has a great post debating the merits of student loan debt

My Other Favorite On-Topic Posts

Tricia presents Did You Hear That? It Was My Jaw Hitting the Floor.posted at Blogging Away Debt
Summary: "Make sure you read the change of terms that you may receive in the mail for your credit cards."
Comment: Excellent post about the double-speak in credit card offers.

...and on a related topic:

David presents Credit Card Balance Transfers: The Art of Moving Debtposted at Money Under 30Summary: Balance Transfers 101
Comment: Excellent how-to on the topic!

Super Saver presents
More Options for Preventing Foreclosureposted at My Wealth BuilderSummary: An overview with clear-cut strategies for avoiding foreclosure
Comment: Very helpful piece; good read.

FMF presents
Good Reasons to Use Credit Cardsposted at Free Money FinanceSummary: "Why you should use credit cards."
Comment: An insightful piece about the benefits of disciplined credit card use, with helpful links.

J.D. Roth presents
Track Every Penny You Spendposted at Get Rich SlowlySummary: Reduce debt by becoming your own bean counter
Comment: Very throughtful piece about how careful notes can reduce your debt load

MSN has a great piece about
Protecting Your Credit Score with great links to other excellent articles about credit scores and debt management. (via msn) has a thoughtful piece on what a bad credit score really costs

Interesting Related-Personal Finance Posts

Praveen presents Six Simple Steps For Lottery Winnersposted at
My Simple Trading SystemSummary: How to Handle Windfalls 101

Steve Faber presents
More Behaviors That Cost Us Moneyposted at DebtBlogSummary: Avoid spending traps, spend frugally and ultimately lighten your debt load.

Scott on Money presents
The Importance of Setting and Remembering Financial Goalsposted at Scott on MoneySummary: "To reduce our debt and achieve our other fincial goals we have to keep our goals in mind to motivate ourselves.

Pete presents
Budgeting Needs & Wantsposted at
My Financial Awareness
supermom presents
Five Simple Ways of Creating Passive Incomeposted at Getting Out Of DebtComment: Blogging/posting for dollars

That concludes this edition.Thanks to everyone that submitted posts and articles. Thanks to
Mighty Bargain Hunter for providing this opportunity.

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Tricia said...

Thank you for hosting the carnival this week and glad you enjoyed my article :)

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Thank for posting a link to the carnival!