Thursday, October 12, 2006

Compulsive Shopper Detection Test

I like a good bargain. Recent find: an Anthropologie skirt for $9.99 down from its original price of $99. But when does bargain hunting become an addiction? features an interesting "Compulsive Shopper Test," designed by a mental health expert.

Here is the test:

Are you a compulsive shopper?
Answer "often," "sometimes," "rarely" or "never."

* Do you buy things you want, whether or not you can afford them at the moment?

* Do you have trouble saving money? If you have a little extra available to save or invest, do you tend to think of something you'd rather spend it on?

* Do you buy things to cheer yourself up or to reward yourself?

* Does more than a third of your income, not including rent or mortgage payments, go to pay bills?

* Do you juggle bill paying because you always seem to be living on the edge financially?

* Do you tend to keep buying more of your favorite things even if you don't have a specific need for them?

* If you have to deny yourself or put off buying something you really want, do you feel intensely deprived, angry or upset?

If you answered "often" or "sometimes" to four or more questions, you're probably a compulsive spender, especially if you answered "often" or "sometimes" to the last question.

Here is the link to the complete compulsive shopper article.

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