Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Frugal Character Wins Hollywood Awards: Golden Globes for Ugly Betty!

Ugly Betty, my favorite fictional frugalite--played by America Ferrera--has won a Golden Globe her performance on the hit ABC show. The show also won a Globe. Without cable or TV service, I watch the episodes for free on my computer. Go to ABC.com.

Ugly Betty -- a very frugal, down-to-earth young woman -- is a role model for many:

Ferrera said she hears every day from girls inspired by her character, Betty Suarez, saying it "truly brings a new face to television." --source: Associated Press

Here are my favorite Frugal Moments on Ugly Betty.

1) Frugal Fun In New York Betty gives trust fund baby Daniel M. (editor-in-chief) of Mode a list of about 30 frugal things to do in New York. When I lived in Manhattan, I loved taking a ride on the Staten Island ferry for 25 cents a ride (in the 80s). I loved going to free concerts in Central Park. I loved just walking through the streets of New York.

2) Gucci bag of health care: I love the episode in which Betty trades her $4,500 Gucci bag for a 15-month supply of expensive heart medicine for her dad.

3) Cheap Eats: My all-time favorite episode takes place when the wealthy-born Daniel M. has only a limited budget to entertain a major Japanese designer. Betty's Frugal option: Take them to White Tassle (a White Castle-style cheap-food-joint) in Jersey. I wrote about that episode in an earlier post. Click on the Ugly Betty tab at the bottom of this post for my other Ugly Betty stories.

And the real-life girl has a heart. Here's a snippet from the New York Times report:

When America Ferrera won for best actress in a television comedy, she was more animated, tearfully saying that the ABC series “Ugly Betty” was “truly bringing a new face to television.” And that brought tears to the eyes of even some of the oldest, best-preserved faces in the business. --New York Times

Here's an AP report about the Golden Globes. Check out the cute, cute picture of the Ugly Betty star.

Big-ticket flicks Dream Girls and Babel (a Brad Pitt special) also won honors.


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S/100/30 said...

I adore that show. I didn't watch when it first aired, but when people whose opinion I trust were raving about it, I caught up online and I'm glad I did.