Friday, January 12, 2007

I Just Wasted $1.99 on Cancer-Linked Cosmetic: Not a Bargain!

It pays to read the labels. And when it comes to makeup products, I've become very vigilant about reading labels and boycotting personal care products that include methylparaben, a chemical linked to breast cancer. Here is a link on the topic. This preservative is found in many makeup products, shampoos, conditioners and other personal care items.

Over the last few months, I've purged my cabinet and makeup bags of products with shaky ingredients. But yesterday, I scooped up a mascara tube for only $1.99. It was a new brand for me and what could be wrong with a little mascara? And the price was so cheap!

Big mistake: The product contained a horrible list of chemicals, including several I've been warned about. I didn't realize my mistake until I had already opened the package and then read the label.

My lesson:

1. A bargain is not a bargain if it could threaten your health in the near-term or short-term.

2. Don't rush while shopping. I was sprinting through the store in order to catch a ride. I did not make smart choices because I was in a hurry.

Next time, I'll just use a dab of vaseline (super cheap) on my brows and lashes. Vaseline is frugal, with fewer chemicals and it's good for the skin.


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MollysBrother said...

Excellent post. You're right about saying it's not a bargain if there are negative heatlh effects.

I often look at these plates and mugs at dollar stores that are sold for dirt. I turn the plates over and see on the bottom printed in big bold letters: FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. DO NOT EAT FROM. PRODUCT CONTAINS HIGH LEVELS OF LEAD.

I scratch my head and wonder how many consumers read that. Sure, the plates are a buck, but is it worth it?

Apparently, oil is expensive and carcinogens are cheap!h

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Hey Thanks for the dollar store example.

I'll make sure to turn over the plates and mugs. Great tip & Thanks for your comments.