Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tues. Tip: Unusual Uses for Dish Soap

Liquid dish soap does more than just clean plates. I’ve scrubbed down pet stains from carpets, washed off pesticides and laundered fine garments in solutions made from dishwashing liquid.

Here are a few of my favorite uses, with links to sites with recipes.

Fruit wash: Expensive fruit/veggie washes and produce cleansing systems range from about $4 (for a liquid wash) to $200 (for an elaborate system), but Consumer's Reports recommends a mix of dishwashing liquid and soap to remove pesticides and other junk from fruits and veggies.

Likewise, many organic gardeners endorse dish soap solutions as a healthier option for insect control.Gardening Eden has many organic solutions.

Carpet Stain removal: I spent about $5 for a stain removal mixture for carpets. I should have done my homework first. I found several recipes using dish soap and water.Oregon Toxics Alliance also has great formulas for carpet stains & dish soap

Mrs. Fixit has recipes for using dish soap for window cleaner, microwave stain removal and garden protection.

And in a pinch, I've added water to standard dish soap and used it as liquid hand soap in the bathroom dispenser. It smells great and works fine

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Anonymous said...

I worked as a chef and caterer before and I can tell you that I loved when clients wanted pasta dinners or pasta salads. I could see the money coming in. We pretty much charged the same as we would a steak or seafood plate.