Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lessons from the NFL: What I learned from the Colts' Victory over New England

The Colts' recent NFL Playoff victory over the New England Patriots is overrun with lessons from the playing field. I watched the game tonight with my parents and this is what I picked up from the NFL competition.

1. Small Gains Count: After a less than promising start in the first half of the game, the Colts were able to climb back onto the playing field with a series of field goals during the second half.

Three-point scores are not as pretty or as lucrative as touchdowns, but small gains add up.

My financial lesson: Small change adds up. Sometimes I'll be able to save several hundred dollars or more in one month. Those are my touchdown months. Other months, I'll be lucky to stash just $25 into my emergency funds. Those are my field goals. But even small gains represent progress.

2. Rally from deficits. By half-time the Colts were down by a score of 21 to 3. But the Colts continued to rally from that deficit.

My financial lesson: Even in middle-age, I can recover from deficits in different areas of my life. I can rally.

3. Keep playing as long as the clock is ticking: The game was a nail-biter until the last 16 seconds. Anything could have happened. Both teams stayed fiercely competitive.

My financial lesson: Time is more valuable than money. Keep going. Keep playing. Make every possession of time count.


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Ellen said...

...and then, when you totally fail, you can watch grown men cry.

Although I'm not sure what financial lesson you can draw from that. Whatever it is, it's depressing.

(I'm not a Pats fan, but my fiancé is. Maybe someday I'll be able to show him this post and he'll appreciate it, but, uh, probably not.)

~Dawn said...

Wow! Who knew the lessons, impressive

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Thanks Dawn (Frugal for life) and Ellen:
I appreciate your comments.

& yeah, Ellen I feel bad for the Pats' fan.

One of my neighbors is from Boston and he's always really depressed when either the Reds, the Celtics or the New England Pats lose

Brady played his heart out.

It was an exciting game.