Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney & Celebrity Economics: The Perfume & Cents of Fame

My son -- who likes hip-hop, but not pop music -- is not a Britney Spears fan. But he's tired of the jokes --on the Internet & on the radio-- about Britney's shaven head and public meltdown. He switches stations when the latest gossip about the pop princess is broadcast.

"It's just sad," he said. And I agree.

The nonstop celebrity industry has hidden costs --emotional & financial -- for performers & consumers. But from celebrity perfumes to signature clothing lines, we all pay a lot more for consumer products endorsed, created or promoted by our favorite celebrities.

Look at the perfume industry. Celebrity scents from tennis players, movie stars and singers cost significantly more than comparable products because of higher marketing and production costs. Donald Trump even has his own high-end scent. The celebrity scent industry represents about $2.9 billion in sales, according to an AP report. When we buy into the fame game, we pay more.
"A skin-deep brush with fame is now just a spritz away.

You can douse yourself with eau de Britney, Paris or JLo, as stars jump on the lucrative fragrance bandwagon by creating their signature scent." -- Associated Press

Here's a price list of celebrity scents:

Paris Hilton: $39 to $49
Fantasy from Britney Spears: $45 to $55
Carlos Santana for Women $42.50 to $58.50

And it's not just adults. Our kids are also vulnerable to the allure of big names and big contracts.
"Eighteen-year-old actress and singer Hilary Duff and 13-year-old twin actors Dylan and Cole Sprouse aim to mimic the success of the mary-kateandashley brand, with plans to bombard stores with a host of products from clothing to home decor."--Show Buzz/

A survey of 4,000 teenagers by NPD, a market research company, indicated that 35 percent of the boys surveyed wanted to purchase a fragrance from The Rock, (actor/wrestler with the raised eyebrow), and 29 percent of girls surveyed wanted to wear a fragrance by JLo. The NPD survey was reported in the New York Times and Ladies Home Journal.

The celebrity marketing system enables the Britneys of the world. We indirectly bankroll the meltdowns, the tantrums & the rehab visits by buying into the product-endorsement system. I like to shop; I like to smell good. But I don't want to spend extra to finance exploitative fantasies.



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