Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lazy Man Scores With Festival of Frugality #62

Baseball is the theme of 62nd Edition of the Festival of Frugality, which is hosted by Lazy Man, who pitched extra innings to put together a fun festival. With organization and commentary, the FoF is a grand slam. But hey? Where was Hank Aaron in the lineup?

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

Money Under 30 had a great post about buy nothing year.

"Before dismissing a buy nothing year as insane and unachievable, consider the fact that the premise does not preclude buying the things you need for survival such as food, and actually allows to buy used or barter for anything you may desire. A secondary goal of buy nothing year is to encourage you to support local farmers and merchants in buying the foodstuffs you do need."

A Silver Lining has a cute piece on putting old calendars back into circulation.

And We're in Debt has a very helpful piece about saving money while vacationing.

I was quite happy to be featured in the lineup. Thanks to Lazy Man for creating a fun playing field. Congrats!



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