Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Frugal Burglar Alarm & Other Practical Uses for Bubble Wrap: A Tuesday Tip

My new Dell laptop arrived yesterday. (Thanks M&D for the interest-free financing!) I was pleased, but faced one major disappointment. The packaging did not include any bubble wrap for my amusement.

Bubble wrap has a wide assortment of unusual uses. The authors of the Bubble Wrap Book feature these suggestions:

"Bubble Wrap Burglar Alarm
Make a burglar alarm for your home. Lay Bubble Wrap on the floor inside your doors and windows. When a thief breaks in and walks across the floor, the "pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop" will alert you to the intruder.

Improvise a football or motorcycle helmet. Wrap massive quantities of Bubble Wrap around your head and seal in place with clear packaging tape (or duct tape). If Bubble Wrap can protect a hand-painted egg shipped from Czechoslovakia across the Atlantic, it can protect your head when it hits asphalt.
CAUTION: The specific amount of Bubble Wrap required to provide adequate protection has not yet been determined.Bubble Wrap Insect Repellent Prevent mosquito bites on arms and legs by covering your extremities in Bubble Wrap. When mosquitoes do try to bite you, the Bubble Wrap bubble will pop and the tiny explosion of air will send the mosquito spiraling through the air.

Sweet Dreams
Sleeping while camping can be a real pain in the back, unless you are carrying a lightweight six-foot roll of Bubble Wrap as a mat to place under your sleeping bag. Or fold a twelve-foot-long piece of Bubble Wrap in half and duct tape the sides to make the padded sleeping bag of your dreams.
CAUTION: If you are sleeping on the beach, high tide may cause you to float out to sea.

Bubble Wrap Instead of Cash
Impress your date by padding your wallet with a piece of Bubble Wrap behind your money. It will look like you have a lot more money than you actually do. Or just impress your date with the fact that you always carry around a trusty piece of Bubble Wrap. source: The Bubble Wrap® Book, from HarperPerennial. It is penned by those geniuses of alternative uses for everyday products: Joey Green, the Spam Guy and Tim, the Duct Tape Guy.)"

A recent issue of Woman's World (WW) Magazine:

1. Pack or Wrap Clothes: Folded in bubble wrap, clothes stay wrinkle free.

2. Pottery Protection: Pottery and china dishes get dinged up when plates are stacked or unstacked from the cupboard. But we can create layers of protection by placing custom-cut sheets of bubble wrap between each dish.

3. Anti-rolling materials: Shelves lined with bubble wrap keep sports balls from rolling away.

4. Fruit Screen Saver: This is my favorite tip from the magazine. WW recommends lining the refrigerator fruit/veggie bin with bubble wrap. The plastic bubbles will keep the fruits and veggies bruise free. Change as needed.



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