Thursday, February 08, 2007

Why I Hate Valentine's Day: Let Me Count The Money-Draining Ways

At the risk of sounding like a bitter broad, I have to confess: I hate Valentine's Day. In my heart of hearts, I think Valentine's Day is just another money scam.

My dislike started in kindergarten when we had to buy boxes of those stupid little cards and then pass them out to the class. Fast forward to my high school years when carnations and roses were sold as fundraisers for Valentine's Day. Unhappily, I remember lots of thorns; no flowers. At least with bake sales, I had cake to eat.

Here are my bottom-line reasons for disliking Valentine's Day.

1. Deadlines. I face deadlines in so many areas of my life. Why do I need another deadline for mailing cards and saying: I Love You?

2. Emotional extortion: Valentine's Day is another shake-down holiday where money spent is often equated with loved extended.

3. Holiday shopping hangover: I'm still delivering December Holiday '06 presents to my extended family. Valentine's Day makes me feel really behind schedule.

4. Past ghosts: I have depressing memories of past disappointments on Valentine's Day. I don't like the yearly reminder of past heartaches.

5. Cherry center chocolates: I don't like mystery chocolates in red shiny boxes, especially the bonbons filled with red squishy syrup.Yuck! But if you have to buy me candy, buy me Godiva truffle chocolates in the gold box. Thanks.

6) The Pretty Woman Factor: I liked Richere Gere and Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. But the concept of money for love on Valentine's Day or any other day is a little, well, cheap.

Bottom Line: I believe in money; I believe in love. But the two are separate accounts.



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Anonymous said...

I find that most holidays nowadays, no matter how good the intentions were to begin with, are all commercialized. Which is a true shame...

I think for Valentine's, we shouldn't immediately buy stuffed animals and chocolate for our loved ones, but maybe sit down and pen a list about the things we appreciate that they do for us on a daily basis - like make us breakfast, make us lunch, clean the dishes, etc...

Although.. it means a lot more to me if my fiance were to pen that list on any day OTHER than Valentine's day..

Frugal Duchess: Sharon Harvey Rosenberg said...

Thanks for your comment.
A gratitude list is a good idea.