Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thrift Shop Overload: 5 Warning Signs for Secondhand Shoppers

A few of my friends have pulled back from thrift stores. They love thrift stores, garage sales and other second-hand markets. But their closets and storage spaces are stuffed with random trinkets and other used items.

Based on our conversations and my own experiences, I've put together a warning list for thrift store shoppers.

You know that you've hit one too many thrift stores when....

1. You recognize all of the antique dealers and professional buyers who pick through used items in order to resell the merchandise for 1000 percent markups at their own high-end stores.

2. Your garage looks like a storehouse for vintage lamp shades.

3. The used bookstore dealer calls you and asks you for a specific title.

4. You have bins and bins of children's clothes sorted by size, color and gender.

5. You have so many bins of used books, clothes and trinkets that you have trouble finding what you need.



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