Monday, February 05, 2007

Financial Lessons From the Rainy Super Bowl in Miami

You can't control the weather & you can have an amazing turnaround within a short period. Those are a few of the lessons I've learned from Super Bowl XLI in which the Indiana Colts beat the Chicago Bears by a score of 29 to 17 last night in Miami.

Here's are 3 things I have learned while tracking the game:

1. Deal with less than ideal conditions. The weather in Miami? Quite frankly, it was awful all Sunday. The game took place during a constant drip. (cool & windy). It was not the best weather for a football game, especially in Miami. But both teams played hard to win.

Financial Lesson: In the past, I have delayed saving or debt reduction because I've waited for perfect conditions: a better job, a large bonus, a book contract. But the act of waiting for the perfect moment can be just a hidden procrastination tactic. Note to self: Deal with slippery conditions!

2. Rebound from a horrible start. The term "Swiss cheese" was used to describe the Colts lackluster defense unit earlier this season. Yet during the playoffs and the Super Bowl, the defense unit has played well.

Financial Lesson: A poor start is no excuse for a poor finish. Being in a financial pit is no excuse for inaction or continued defeat.

3. Patience and hard work pay off: Colts coach Tony Dungy --the first African-American head coach to win a Super Bowl-- and quarterback Peyton Manning were considered to be Super Bowl bridesmaids, that is, close to the altar--but no ring!

That changed in Miami.

"It's just been a long time coming for us," defensive end Dwight Freeney said. "We've been through so much as a team, been so close so many times. We finally got a chance in the Super Bowl and we seized it." --source Newsday

Quote of the Game from Colts Coach Tony Dungy:

"This may not have been the best team we had over the last five years, but it's definitely the team that's been through the most," said Dungy, who had one of his sons on the postgame podium with him. His son James committed suicide in December 2005.

"This wasn't the easy road, it was the tough road. And tonight, more than anything, we were a team, fighting together all the way through." --source: Newsday



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