Monday, February 12, 2007

My Teen's First Paid Haircut: Finding His Own Frugal Path

For years my husband has given our sons at-home haircuts. In fact, we've been proud of our DIY haircuts and styling efforts. Our hair clippers have saved us thousands of dollars.

How do we know this? Trial and big error: When my middle son was three years old, his mix of curly, wavy and straight hair confounded us. (My husband had very curly hair and I have very happy, nappy hair.) So we took our toddler to a hair salon. The cost: $40 for the haircut. Ouch! We paid the bill, tipped well, but have not been back to a hair salon since then.

But recently, my oldest son decided to take the hair-grooming business into his own hands. He went to Lincoln Road Mall -- a trendy outdoor pedestrian mall in South Beach. This shopping district is popular with supermodels, tourists and spend-happy consumers. (Starbucks has three outlets on Lincoln Road.) There are several beauty salons and upscale day spas on or near Lincoln Road. The main hair man for Jennifer Lopez (JLo) has a salon in the area. Prices are not cheap.

For a Mother's Day magazine story, I once had to undergo a manicure and a pedicure at an upscale salon on Lincoln Road. The price tag: $135 to have my nails trimmed, filed and painted. It was a tough assignment!

So when my teen stepped out for his new Lincoln Road haircut, I was worried. But he arrived home with a close cut (something like Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade) and I was very impressed with the price tag: $14.

Skipping past the high-end salons, my son had found some old-school mom & pop barber in one of the ungentrified areas of Lincoln Road. The haircut is sharp. He looks so cute.

The bad news: His hair grows fast and maintenance could be a bi-weekly cash drain.
The good news: He's back to DIY home haircuts. His father can just follow the lines of the professional barber, my son has suggested.


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Thrifty Lady said...

I've been cutting my husband's hair since before we were married, 4 years ago. It has saved so much money! But unfortunately, he's attempted cutting my hair a few times (I like short hair cuts) and has failed miserably. So I've been stuck going months ignoring my hair before I finally break down and pay for a cut.

skeet said...

Oh, the terrible memories you've revived! I bought a pricey hair clipper when my son was young, thinking to save the cost of haircuts. About the third time I managed to shave a bald spot in his lush mop, we both gave up! I guess some folks have it and some folks don't!

First time visitor from the Carnival of Family Life.

Holly Schwendiman said...

I'm so glad my mom helped me see the wisdom in applying for a scholarship to beauty school and getting my license before going on to college. She told me "It may not be what you want to do for the rest of your life and it doesn't have to be. But it's something you enjoy and it could help you pay your way through college. You'll always use the trade." Very wise mother, very wise indeed.

Holly's Corner
Here via the Carnival of Family Life ;)

Lisa said...

That's a great way to save money. My husband has been cutting his own hair for a while now (with my help of course). He figures why pay a fortune for something he can do himself, and better I might add.

Here via the carnival of family life.

kailani said...

Haircuts can get to be expensive to maintain. It's a good thing he was smart enough to go to a reasonably priced salon!

Here from the Carnival of Family Life