Monday, February 19, 2007

Stock Market Beat Hosts Carnival of Personal Finance

Would you sell a valued possession to finance your child's education? That question and others are debated at the latest edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance (#88), which is up at The Stock Market Beat. The weekly roundup includes some excellent posts.

Here are a few of my favorite posts in the carnival:

I enjoyed the piece from My Financial Awareness about what to do when you don't have enough money. The post featured a great mix of practical and mental exercises.
"You may choose not to take a vacation or may decide putting off making the car repair because you do not have enough money. Yet, making the choice from alternatives gives you control over your finances." -- My Financial Awareness

I also liked The Coin Jar's story about difficult financial choices. The post features an account about a woman who sold a painting to finance her daughter's education.

"Mom faced head-on what may have been an emotionally difficult choice: Part with a painting that hung on the wall for years in her grandmother's home in Italy? Or strap her child (or the family overall) with a debt-load that might take years and years to pay off?"-- Coin Jar

The lineup includes my own post about the intellectual value of counting pennies. I'm happy to be included in the carnival. Special thanks to the host for taking the time and effort to read, organize and sort through the lineup. The narrative and transitions between the posts create a good read.



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