Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Money-Saving Tips at the Carnival of Family Life

Earlier today, I posted my Tuesday Tip about unusual uses for bubble wrap: good for a cheap burglar alarm & frig protection for fruits/veggies.

I also recommend The 42nd edition of the Carnival of Family Life, which is now up at An Island Life. From stories about hiring dumb real estate agents to hand-me down clothes, the Carnival of Family Life has an excellent line-up.

The Carnival features KSuccess, who wrote a great post about priceless gifts parents can give their kids.

"As parents, we all want our children to have the best things in life. But in our quest to give them the best “stuff,” we sometimes forget about some of the other more important gifts we can give them." --KSuccess

Little Mummy has a very helpful list of frugal tips for parents, featuring advice about hand-me downs, and DIY baby food.

has an informative how-to about buying a first home. I like her tips, including the one about hiring a real estate agent.

Hire the dumb guy. The top agents want to make money from the top houses. You’re more of a hassle with your small budget. But the dumb guy? He’s not making as many sales. He wants to work for you (especially if he knows you want to upgrade in a few years and will need someone to sell your house and take you out to find a new house). Yet the greatest reason for hiring the dumb guy? He’ll have the inside story on everything--Aridni

I am grateful that my post was included in the line-up. Thanks to Island Life for putting together an excellent carnival!


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