Monday, February 05, 2007

Thrift Store Prices at Target & Marshall's

A recent run of cold weather has us sprinting for jackets in Florida. Cold weather (50s to 30s) is pretty rare here and my kids have outgrown most of their cold weather gear from last year. Fortunately, we've caught the winter sales. The end-of-season prices are cheaper than the prices at many thrift stores.

For example, at Target, we purchased Hanes (navy blue) cotton, sweatshirts for our kids. Red-tag Price: $1.50 per item (after several markdowns). Likewise, over the weekend, I admired a grey wool skirt, with embroidery, worn by a friend. Price tag: $3 at Marhsall's.

I'm a big fan of end-of-season sales. In Miami, I prefer to shop at the August sales because summer-wear is a year-round wardrobe. End-of-season sales work best for me if:

1) I avoid trendy items & stick to basics.

2) Only buy clothes that I really need or really like.

3) Avoid items that need to be dry cleaned or heavily altered.



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