Monday, February 05, 2007

How To Score Super Bowl Freebies & Tickets to Other Hot Events

The 2007 Super Bowl is over in Miami, but it's not too early to think about scoring freebies for next year and beyond.

In Miami, tickets for assorted Super Bowl events (parties, games & other activities) ranged from $15 per person to over $1,000 a head. That's pretty rich.

But a family friend -- a high school coach -- not only managed to attend a few of the events, he managed to get paid also. He volunteered to help the NFL! By the way, this strategy also works for other major events, including visual and performing arts presentations. For example, I know people who attended the international King Tut exhibit by volunteering at our local museum. The same logic applies to plays and other events.

For Super Bowl XLI, the High School Coach volunteered to help the NFL run an interactive theme-park/parking lot activity called the NFL Experience. The Miami Herald featured this event in this article.

Volunteers will help run the NFL Experience, a combination of interactive skill games, autograph sessions with the pros, official merchandise sales and a football-card show that opens Jan. 27 and runs through Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 4. Volunteers may get assigned to other pregame events, too, like concerts featuring Kanye West and Daddy Yankee. -- source: The Miami Herald

Altogether, about 6,000 volunteers were needed for Super Bowl-related events. What's more, in addition to volunteer duties, my coach-friend also scored a part-time, short-term gig with the NFL.

As a volunteer, he also received the following:
"...a black guayabera shirt with the Super Bowl logo, two free tickets to the NFL Experience (regular cost is $15 for adults, $10 for kids under 12), a certificate of participation, plus free parking and snacks during their shift."
source: The Miami Herald



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